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Advertising with Odyssey Con


Sponsors and donors can automatically be advertised on both our website as well as in our program book.  For more information about becoming a sponsor or donor for Odyssey Con, please click here.

Dealers are also automatically advertised in both our website and in our program book.  For information on becoming a dealer at Odyssey Con, please click here.

Our convention is also soliciting for advertisers from the fan groups, fannish professionals, and other companies and organizations both private and public.  Advertising with Odyssey Con is a great way to promote yourself since all members of the convention can receive a program book.  Rates depend on type of organization and type of advertisement.

Program Book Ads

The convention program book is available to all attendees of Odyssey Con, and can be a great way to advertise a business or organization. 

Fan rates are for non-profit organizations, such as fan clubs, charitable groups, other conventions, and the like.  Professional rates are for businesses and those who work for-profit entities.  If you are uncertain on which rate to use, please contact us and we'd be happy to help.  You can contact Odyssey Con at chair@odysseycon.org.


Odyssey Con Program Book Ad Rates
Size/Dimensions Pro Rate Fan Rate
Full Page Inside Cover (Front or Back)/8.5” X 11” $400 $200
Full Page (Within Book)/8.5” X 10.5” $200 $100
Half Page (Horizontal)/8.5” X 5.25” $100 $50
Half Page (Vertical)/4” X 10.5” $100 $50
Quarter Page (Horizontal)/2.625” X 8” $50 $25
Quarter Page (Vertical)/4” X 5.25” $50 $25

Deadline for securing an advertising spot in the program is March 1st.  Payments can be submitted via postal mail your check or money order to:

Odyssey Con
PO Box 7114
Madison, WI 53707-7114

Alternatively an invoice can be requested for PayPal payment by submitting a request to our Registration Czar at registration@odysseycon.org.

The actual advertisement needs to be submitted by April 1st to make the deadline printing for our program book.  The advertisement can be sent as a physical form for scanning to the address above, or emailed as a PDF or JPG file to chair@odysseycon.org.

If you have an questions regarding advertising please contact our chair at chair@odysseycon.org.