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Odyssey Con Concom

Odyssey Con is not just an event, it is the annual culmination of the work of a number of people.  These people are fans and volunteers, working throughout the year to bring our convention to fans.  Some do it for fame, some do it for fortune (despite the distinct lack of pay), but most do it for the love of what Odyssey Con is.

Below is our concom as of 2017.


F. J. Bergmann

Flash Fiction and Poetry Contest

Jeannie has been running the OddContest and attending Odyssey Con since their respective inceptions.  She writes poetry and speculative fiction, often simultaneously.  She edits poetry for Star*Line, the journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (sfpoetry.com) and for Mobius: The Journal of Social Change (mobiusmagazine.com) from a rural stronghold north of Madison.

Fred Bergmann

Logistics "Schlepper"

Having watched and enjoyed Odyssey Con for many years and assisted in small ways, Fred was dragooned and rechristened “Schlepper” and actually found his niche in fandom.

Jim Gussert

Logistics A/V

Bio pending

Tom Havighurst


Tom Havighurst is the new dew on a fresh spring flower; he is the remainder of a McDonalds burger wrapper being picked at by crows. He was born yesterday, but has existed forever. In real (less metaphoric) terms, I can be described as a statistician, a bike rider, a music fan (chill out and lounge right now), and a lover of the outdoors. 72% of the time I am a swell guy. 39% of the time I am not. I am interested in food and food preparation techniques. One of my favorite things is to get together with friends and drink and grill and hang out. I find the best food can often be the simplest, when a lot of care has been taken in preparation.


J Laakso

Secretary, Webmaster

Aside from having a letter for a first name, J self-reports that is "just this guy, y'know?"  A relative newcomer to Odyssey Con, but not to conventions, he has attended conventions on either coast and a few overseas.  An avid cosplayer since before cosplay was word, and dressing up before he even heard of science fiction conventions, J now runs his own small business of costuming and cosplay supplies, Vault 0, out of his traveling secret lair.  While he likes to think of himself as being a neutral person, he is actually both good and evil as can be seen when he bartends room parties - good, because he provides very enjoyable drinks of inebriation, and evil for the very same reason.

Lynn Laakso

Dealer's Room, Promotions

404 Error - bio not found.

Janet Lewis

Co-chair, Treasurer, Registration

Janet Lewis: a. k. a. The Supreme Nerd God!!!, has been to every single Odyssey Con. When not at work as a Professional Nerd (IT sysadmin and tech support), she is planning world domination. Bwah, ha, ha, ha! She has occasionally been known to wear a cow costume and, even worse, inflict her singing upon unsuspecting audiences. She is easily entertained by the little things in life, like playing with electricity, magnets, dry ice cannons, standing outside in Wisconsin's subzero (Fahrenheit) temperatures blowing soap bubbles to watch them freeze, and mixing chemical A with chemical B to see what happens. Oooooh, look at all the pretty colors in the flames!

Hank Luttrell

Hank Luttrell


Hank helped start SF fan groups in St. Louis and Columbia, MO, and finally in Madison, WI. The fanzine he published in the sixties and seventies was nominated for a Hugo. One of the founders of the WisCon, he likes to claim to be the most senior continuously serving Huxter Room Manager in the universe. Hank has written professionally and as a fan about science fiction and comics since the early seventies. A bookseller, he started selling at SF conventions and by mail order in the sixties, and opened 20th Century Books in 1979.


Sean McConkey

Sean "Nix" McConkey

Game Room

Nix asked us not to talk about him.. but.. damn it all, we are going to anyway! Nix is the greatest GM, ever! He, if you are so blessed to have him at your table, is the greatest player.. ever! Nix invented the letter 'Q' and then went back in time to tell Lucas not to call them 'Wicked cool magic laser space swords' but 'lightsabers' instead. He rides with kings upon mighty steeds, he's climbed k2 and ran with wolves, his awesomeness has caused planets to collide. He is witty, funny, charming, endearing, intelligent, humble, and Ryan Reynolds regularly calls him for advice on being sexy.

Written by Nix

Alex Merrill


Bio pending

Ruth "Fluff" Nichols

Program Book

Bio pending

Catie Pfeifer

Guest Liaison, Costume Contest

Caite moved from Milwaukee to Madison four years ago, which jumpstarted her immersion in fandom.  A lifelong fantasy, video game, and RPG enthusiast, she has found Madison's con scene and abundance of active fans to be a delight.  Catie is very excited to be part of her first ConCom here at Odyssey Con.  In her free time, Catie can be found chasing butterflies in Skyrim and talking enthusiastically about books with anyone who will listen.

Richard S. Russell

Hotel Liaison, Spontaneous Writing Contest

His only claim to fame in his 71 years of existence on this planet is that he was Fan Guest of Honor at OddCon 8.  We haven't been able to get rid of him since.  He claims to have have a foot in each of the various sub-fandoms; gaming, literature, media, comics, science, fooditude (which makes him at least a hexapod).  He hold the heretical notion that they're all created equal.  His other two precepts of fandom; "seduce the young" and "always bring a book".  Since he's retired from Wisconsin state government, we let him run around town weekdays putting up OddCon posters.  He is a geek and too naive to be ashamed of it.

Georgie Schnobrich

Programming, In-house Artist

An artist, writer, librarian, and fan, and was the Fan Guest of Honor at Odyssey Con 9.  She is well known for her thoughtful essays in Madison's Turbo-Charged Party Animal APA, her beautiful serious artwork (as well as humorous pieces like OddCon cows!), and her spectacular illustrated and dcorated cakes.  She is a frequent panelist at WisCon and other area conventions.  Georgie is the official in-house artist for Odyssey Con.