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What is a Consuite?

A consuite is often defined as a room that acts as a headquarters for fans to gather, chat, and eat.  It can be the hub of the convention, where messages can be left, plans can be made, and people can sit back and relax.


Odyssey Con Consuite

Odyssey Con has hosted a consuite every year since its inception.  Besides being a central location for all of the convention attendees, guests, and staff to take a break, it is a great place to get something to drink and find something to eat.  From snack foods to hot meal items, there is a variety of foodstuffs along with an array of beverages. 

And all of it is free for Odyssey Con attendees.


2017 Consuite

Each year Odyssey Con tends to do a little something different with it's consuite - changing up the food items a bit, offering a different beverage selection - little things to keep it interesting. 

Announcements will be forthcoming on this year's consuite selections.  Check back soon!



Want to help sponsor and/or donate to our consuite?  We do appreciate it.  Our consuite is one of our biggest expenses, but the fans love it so it's not going away anytime soon.  If you want to help contribute, please contact our convention by emailing us at webmaster@odysseycon.org.  Donators, unless they wish to remain anonymous, will be listed on our website and in the program book.