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Contests and Winners


Every year Odyssey Con hosts contests.  Of a literary theme, two of these are the Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry Contest and the Spontaneous Writing Contest.  Additionally we typically host a Costume Contest for those you enjoy cosplay and want to join in the fun. 

Click on the links below to jump to the contest you wish to learn more about.

 Spontaneous Writing Contest  | Flash Fiction/Prose Contest | Costume Contest

Spontaneous Writing Contest

The Contest Returns for 2017

The Spontaneous Writing Contest is back for 2017.  Please read the guidelines below for rules and information.

General Information

This contest is open to any and all ticketed attendees of Odyssey Con 17. You must provide your own computer, tablet, etc. There are no additional requirements. There are no age limits. There is no entrance fee.

To sign up e-mail RichardSRussell@tds.net using the subject line "Odyssey Con SWC". Names will be placed on a list in the order they are received. The top 8 registrants who are physically present at the Odyssey Con registration desk (not the hotel's) at 8:00 AM Saturday will be the contestants.

Each contestant will receive, on a USB flash drive, a story kernel, a single RTF (rich-text format) document comprising a few lines of dialog. Your task is to transfer the document to your device, construct a story that incorporates the supplied dialog, save it back to the flash drive, and return it within 60 minutes.

A panel of judges will read each story and rank them from #1 to #8. The best average score wins 1st prize (fame, honor, and $50). Next best wins 2nd prize (nod of appreciation and 30 bucks). A crisp Andy Jackson to #3. The other 5 get their stories posted on a wall.

By entering the contest, you warrant and represent that the story you submit is original with you. You grant Odyssey Con non-exclusive permission to publish your story on our website with a copyright notice in your name (or the name of anyone else you designate as the copyright holder). You retain all other rights to it.

2015 Winners

Below are last year's winners:

    First place:         "Glazed Over" by Miranda Raine
    Second place:    "Called to Serve" by Athena Foster
    Third place:        "Visions of the Past" by Joe Alfano

To read the submissions for 2015, click here here.

Flash Fiction/Prose Poetry Contest

General Information

The OddContest is an annual competition for speculative (science fiction, fantasy, or horror) stories or prose poems no longer than 500 words. The contest has been sponsored since 2008 by Odyssey Con. The contest offers cash prizes, convention memberships, and books in both Adult and Youth divisions.

For more information, click here to see the OddContest Page.

2016 Winners

Find all the listed finalist and the winning entries on the 2016 Winners Page.

List of Past Winners

Linked below are the lists of winners from each year, 2008 to present. In each list will be found copies of the winning entries.

Costume Contest

This costume contest is open to any and all ticketed attendees of Odyssey Con and free to enter.  Costumes are generally taken from the year's convention theme, but it is not necessary for entry - wear what you like!

For more information on the Costume Contest, please visit our Costume Contest Page.