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Photo Gallery

General Gallery

A broad view of photos from past years.

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Brian Curley in 3D
The audience... it's like they're right there!
Registration table herd
The herd hits the registration table.
The Dead Cow Dinner
Every year ends with the Dead Cow Dinner post-clean-up.
Drum Circle
I just wanna... you know.
Game Library
Open Gaming Library.
Author J.V. Jones and Editor Jim Frenkel
Author J.V. Jones at the Guest of Honor dinner.
Medusa's Beard
Medusa's Beard, a live band from a past Odyssey Con.
Opening Ceremonies Skit
The skit from opening ceremonies.
Another example of the skit
Another shot of the opening ceremonies skit.
Panelists at the front table
Panelists discuss their topic.
Robin D Laws
Guest of Honor Robin D Laws giving his speech.
Sarah Monette
Guest of Honor Sarah Monette showing off her new hat.