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Room Parties


One many convention-goers favorite events are Odyssey Con's room parties.  Fan groups or just groups of fans that like to have a social gathering and host a party for friends to get together as well as make new friends with the convention attendees.

The Party Rooms

Suites have been set aside by Odyssey Con as designated party rooms.  To have one of these rooms, book a room via the hotel booking system and contact Odyssey Con with your reservation.  If a suite is available, we'll assign you one of the designed rooms.  Space is very limited, so notify us as soon as possible!

Suite prices are available at $180/night plus tax, and can only be assigned by our party liaison.  You can contact our liaison via the co-chair at chair@odysseycon.org.

Hosting a Room Party

When hosting a party at Odyssey Con, notify us and we'll transfer your reservation to a suite.  We can also list your party on our website and in the program book if desired - just let us know.

There are some rules for hosting a party.  Most of these should be common sense


The Parties

Check back with to see what parties want to be promoted here.