My name is Parker Plaisted, and 100 Watt Media is my agency. I design, implement, optimize and manage digital advertising campaigns for clients.

What differentiates me from other people managing Google Ads campaigns?

Some people have one or two years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns. I have nine years of experience designing, implementing, optimizing and managing digital advertising campaigns through Google Ads for clients in retail e-commerce, local retail, education, senior care, printing services, building materials, interior design, and automotive repair.

Some people have taken and passed the Google Ads certification exams, and some have not. I have taken and passed the Google Ads certification exams, which means I am currently Google Ads certified.

Some people understand marketing—and more specifically consumer behavior—and some people do what other people tell them to do without questioning if that is right for the new client. I understand marketing and consumer behavior. I began working in marketing and advertising after earning my M.B.A. degree in Marketing and Strategy from Vanderbilt University in 2001, and I have managed advertising for a few companies.

Some people are good at solving problems that are difficult to analyze, and some are not. I earned my undergraduate degree in Physics-Engineering from Washington and Lee University, and I earned a Master of Science degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I spent several years solving problems as an engineer for Xerox, Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and other companies before going to Vanderbilt University to earn my M.B.A. degree. Those engineering skills enable me to analyze the quantitative and qualitative information in Google Ads and Google Analytics and optimize advertising campaigns.

My education, certifications, experience and skills set me apart from other people managing advertising campaigns through Google Ads, and I welcome the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to make your advertising campaigns successful.

If you would like to know more about my education and accomplishments, my complete professional background is available on LinkedIn.